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always perfect plants

custom design - you choose the plants based on light, height and space, etc.​ (our professionals will guide you throughout the entire process if desired.)

installation - At your earliest convenience and on your schedule our team will install all chosen perfect plants to your space at the best time for you and your business. 

care and maintenance (sub-irrigation watering system) - top of the line fertilizer/insecticide used in Florida-                                   environmentally friendly​​ and only used by always perfect plants.

lease options - supplemental perfect plants available for holidays and special occasions.

maintenance options - depending on package picked, options available to fit any budget with/without color plant rotationals.

  • ​custom design
    ​​​​: you choose your planters
    ​                      you choose your size
                      you choose how many or few
                      you choose where and we advise which plants
            see gallery pages for available planters, and plants

​​​​​​installation:  we install chosen plants in a timely manner.  quick & efficiently without disturbing your day!

care and maintenance:  we supply perfect care and maintenance to all plants all the time!​​
​we water, fertilize (as necessary), clean, prune and trim, disease and bug control, and quality assurance guaranteed.
we offer 100% guarantee on ALL our plants!

​​​​lease options:
  Spring: azaleas are offered (or similar)
  Summer: bromeliads are offered​​
  Fall: chrysanthemums are offered
  Winter: poinsettias are offered (red and/or white)

  simply perfect:  6 rotationals only
  always nice:       6 rotationals with Christmas tree
  always perfect:  6 rotationals with tree in snow & two wreaths
         ( we can work with you on extra entrances, etc)

always perfect plants provides interior plantscaping